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The ASME Best Cover Contest and the ASME Awards for Photography and Illustration are open to all consumer and business magazines and websites edited and published in the United States. Covers and images from magazine special-interest and newsstand-only publications may also be entered. ASME reserves the right to determine if a publication qualifies for entry.


  • Print entries must be dated 2019 (entries dated December 2019/January 2020 are eligible; entries dated December 2018/January 2019 are not)

  • Digital entries must have been largely produced in 2019. Screenshots may be requested to verify publication dates

  • Editors can enter as many entries in as many categories as they want but cannot enter the same cover or photograph in more than one category

  • Photographs and illustrations entered in the Photography and Illustration Awards cannot also be entered in the Best Cover Contest

  • An entry consists of one cover, one photograph or one photo portfolio published in print or online; photo portfolios may include both print and digital content

  • Each entry must include a statement explaining why the entry merits recognition (statements are strictly limited to 100 words)

  • The entry fee is $95 per entry for ASME members and $195 for nonmembers

ASME members pay lower fees to participate in the Best Cover Contest and Awards for Photography and Illustration as well as the National Magazine Awards. Editors who join ASME before March 3, 2020, are entitled to pay ASME-member entry fees for the 2020 Best Cover Contest and Awards for Photography and Illustration. To join ASME, visit asme.media. For more information about ASME programs and member benefits, email asme@asme.media.